Dog and Cat Boarding at Camp Cobb

Going on vacation? Does your pet need a safe place to stay while you're away? Register at Camp Cobb!

Before Registering For Camp
For the health and safety of all campers we do require proof of current vaccinations. We will be happy to call your veterinarian to confirm vaccination history.

  • Fleas will be removed at owner's expense.
  • Canines should be vaccinated against Distemper, Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella.
  • Felines should be vaccinated against Distemper, Feline Leukemia and Rabies.

To register call (336) 288-8550

Camp Cobb for Cats
Separate "Kitty Room" with large "play cages"

Camp Cobb for Dogs
​Indoor climate-controlled facility with large outdoor play runs. Kennel has piped-in music and 24-hour fire and theft monitoring. Dogs spending 4 nights will receive a complimentary bath!

We take great pride in the quality of care we give all our animal guests. We believe that with our outstanding veterinarians and exceptional staff your pet could be in no better hands. Our facilities are specially designed to prohibit disease transmission yet still provide open and pleasant accommodations. We cater to all your pet's needs in one convenient location.

What to Expect when Boarding with Camp Cobb:

  • Accommodations - clean, odor free and temperature controlled
  • Biscuit Bar - for a rewarding snack
  • Complimentary Baths - for canine guests who stay four nights or more
  • Exercise - spacious inside and outside runs
  • Expert Staff - trained health counselors cater FUN!
  • Medications - oral meds administered at no charge by a trained veterinary assistant. Please bring all medications in original labeled containers.
  • Music - 24 hour stereo enjoyment
  • Oversize Windows - let in the sunshine and fresh air
  • Playtime Sessions - with a personal camp counselor (small additional fee)
  • Specialized Diets - Hill's Science Diets (Kitten/Puppy, Adult or Senior) cater to your pet's nutritional needs. If your pet has food sensitivities or is on a prescription diet, we ask that you bring these with you. We do not provide specialty diets for boarding purposes.
  • Security - 24 hour monitored fire and theft alarm
  • Veterinary Staff - available for all medical needs
  • We happily provide blankets, but we cannot accept bedding or toys from home.